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Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast Is The Next Luxury Destination

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For the past few years, Nicaragua has been steadily gaining traction as a luxury travel destination, while managing to escape the kitschy reputation many tropical regions take on once they’ve been “discovered.”
Nicaragua has long been overshadowed by its neighbor, Costa Rica, but its Emerald Coast is transforming from an under-the-radar spot in Central America into a must-visit locale for luxury travelers. While many still have preconceived notions that a trip to Nicaragua means something along the lines of a backpacking adventure, two incredible hotels on the Emerald Coast, Rancho Santana and Mukul, an Auberge Resort, reveal that it’s time for Nicaragua to be added to your over-the-top travel bucket list.

Growing Call Center Market In Nicaragua


The company website says, “This strategic expansion in Managua is due to significant and accelerated growth in key client accounts. The new facility is a multimillion-dollar investment featuring tech labs and recreational spaces, including a game room, exercise area and café, to provide an outstanding and innovative environment for Concentrix staff.”